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Apexit #04: How to increase the performance of your Rails application? (Part 1)

Mayurkumar Patel
2 min readOct 1, 2020

Apexit is technical articles series in which I will take one real-world problem, will discuss it, develop code for it if needed and share the source code with other people.

Today we will discuss how ActiveRecord::Calculations will come to rescue when you have a performance issue. One of my clients had a performance problem with his application. After reviewing his application code, I found that operations on data were the major source of time consumption. Certainly, there are other reasons as well but database querries were dominating. I had fixed his application performance issue by implementing ActiveRecord::Calculations module properly. Let’s see some of the examples.

Example #1 Sum

There are more than 700,0000 records in the nutrients table. The application was taking the sum of all nutrient values by Enumerable#sum module. This is very inefficient. I solved this problem by using ActiveRecord::Calculations.

Benchmark.benchmark do |x|"SQL Sum:") { Nutrient.sum(:value) }"Ruby Sum:") { Nutrient.sum(&:value) }
SQL Sum: 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ( 0.123737) # ~57x faster
Ruby Sum: 6.700000 0.010000 6.710000 ( 7.067941)

Example #2 Maximum

The following two examples were not a problem with my client’s application but for curiosity, I have compared the results. Clearly, ActiveRecord::Calculations has much faster performance.

Benchmark.benchmark do |x|"SQL Max:") { Nutrient.maximum(:value) }"Ruby Max:") { Nutrient.pluck(:value).max }
SQL Max: 0.020000 0.010000 0.030000 (0.266164) # ~25x faster
Ruby Max: 6.180000 0.100000 6.280000 (6.628453)

Example #3 Minimum

Benchmark.benchmark do |x|"SQL Max:") { Nutrient.minimum(:value) }"Ruby Max:") { Nutrient.pluck(:value).min }
SQL Min: 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 (0.131808) # ~53x faster
Ruby Min: 6.760000 0.010000 6.770000 (6.978912)

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helping companies to take the stress out of software development and make their business shine.