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Mayurkumar Patel
3 min readDec 26, 2017

Every developer has their own toolbox which satisfy their requirements. Here I am mentioning some of tools from my toolbox which may help you.

(1) Momentum

Isn’t is good to see beautiful things when you start your day? If yes then Momentum app from Google chrome will help. It will display beautiful wallpaper on your Chrome when you start it. This makes me pleasant every single day. It includes other features of reminders and weather.

(2) Awesome Screenshot

It’s really awesome as it’s name. Developer needs to do lot of documentations and for that you need screenshots. If you need to do such activity then this tool will make your life too easy.

(3) Page Load Time

Guess you have develop a website and you don’t know how much time it takes to load. You can’t decide weather it is fast or slow. This tool will help you to measure page loading time of any web page. You can do comparison with different web pages for loading time.

(4) Page Ruler

As a designer or front end developer, you need to measure width of different components. This tool helps to measure any component on web page. Very helpful for front end developers.

(5) Colorpick

Again for designers and frontend guys. You need to pick colour code of element and you tried by inspecting elements but some time you didn’t get it.(some time you scratch your head for it.) If you generally are put in such a situations then this is for you.

(6) Wappalyzer

This tool will help you to find out technologies used to make the website. Have you you ever wonder what are the technologies used by Medium on which you are reading this article the get this tool and find out.

(7) Eyecare Protect Your Vision and Health

As a developer, you need to spend most of your time in front of your computer and the eyes are most affected part of body by our job. So we need to take extra care of your eyes and this tool will help to do it.

(8) Grammarly

Again for the documentation. If you you do typo then your code will instantly blow up but if you do typo in your email for client then no one will blow up except your client. This tool will save you from such conditions. It will help you to correct grammatical and spellings errors in your email and documents.

(9) Pocket

Have you ever been come across the condition where you have an excellent article on your computer screen but you don’t have time to read it now. Then, Pocket will help you to pocket that article which you can read from any sync device.

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