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DLPreq#01 NumPy 101.01

Mayurkumar Patel
2 min readMar 25, 2019

AI is the trending topic today and everyone is interested to contribute in this game. The most wrong thing they can do (as most of do) is, to start learning deep learning. They dive into the sea where they don’t know, how to swim and guess what will happen. Yes, you got it right, they sink. They sink into the vast sea of Deep Learning and switch back to their original job. I will try to become the Light House for such players. In this course Deep Learning Prerequisites, we will focus on the basics required to dive deep in deep learning with real challenges. On the side notes, we don’t need lots of basics to deep dive. Let’s begin.

Here is the challenge:

We have a spreadsheet with SUZLON stock data for seven days. The challenge is we want a heatmap image as a part of stock market prediction project.

Hint: You need to find the maximum from each column and divide each cell in that column with it and then use that data to generate a heatmap image. CSV file is here:


I will suggest solving the above challenge by yourself first. Give a try at least and then refer the following solution.

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Mayur is a Deep Learning Enthusiast who want to solve the real world problems with real technology. Thank you for reading my article.

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