Productivity Tools that every web developer should aware of

Mayurkumar Patel
4 min readOct 9, 2020

Describes the useful tools for web development which will help developers to increase their productivity

I have nearly a decade of experience in web development. I have used so many tools during my developer journey. I would like to share those tools with you which helped me most. I hope they will also help you to increase your productivity as well.

(1) Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This tool is to capture screenshot and videos. I generally use it for capturing screenshot and editing them on the fly. It’s super easy to use. You can also upload photos to their cloud storage and share the link with others.

(2) Colorpick

This tool is mostly for designers and front-end developers. If we want to know the color code for an element then, we need to inspect the element and find it out. It’s a tedious process. Rather we can use this tool which can instantly reveal the color code by just hovering over the elements.

(3) Page Load Time

As a developer, we are much more curious and interested in to know about how much time taken for a particular site to load. If you are developing web application then also you need to check how much time is taken by your webpage to load because of every second matter. This tool will help us to measure the load time of the web page.

(4) Momentum

Isn’t it good to see inspiring wallpaper when you start your work? If yes then Momentum app from Google chrome will help. It will display beautiful wallpaper on your Chrome when you start it. You can also make it personalise. It includes other features such as task reminders and weather.

(5) Page Ruler

As a designer or front end developer, we have to make sure that our webpage components are in perfect pixel dimensions. This tool provides handy rules on the webpage which helps to measure any component very easily.

(6) Wappalyzer

We are always eager to know the technology stake used to create a different web application that we are surfing. Have you ever wonder what are the technologies used by Medium on which we are reading this article. Wappalyzer will help to find out the stake of the webpage in just single click.

(7) Eyecare Protect Your Vision and Health

We, developers, are spending most of our work time in front of the screens. Hence the most impacted body parts, because of our job, are our eyes. Being a developer, We need to take extra care of our eyes. This tool will help us to take a break from seeing on the screen at every 20 mins. It’s a small thing but very useful for eyes.

(8) Grammarly

As a developer, we need to prepare documents for various purposes i.e. project proposals, daily updates or application documentation etc. A single typo can change the whole meaning of the document. This tool can rescue us in such case. As the name suggests, Grammarly doesn't just correct the spellings but helps to improve the grammar of the document.

(9) Pocket

Generally, we come across a good article but we don’t have time to read it now. In such a situation, Pocket is a very useful tool. It helps to pocket the article which we liked but don’t have time to read now. Later we can read that article on our mobile or tablet as well using their app. Pocket also suggests the best articles.

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