The analogy between engineers and the carpenters will help us to understand the role of software engineering and how to solve engineering problems.

Last year, I had a good conversation with my senior. During our conversation, he told me the metaphor that Software Engineers are basically Carpenters. What??… I was shocked for a while. He was comparing software engineers with carpenters. Initially, I was not able to understand the meaning of it but, as I am thinking about it and after a year’s of more experience, I am getting his point of view and it’s a very helpful one.

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Carpenter Journey

How carpenter develops his…

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Describes how to use available tools for blogging and launch a personal blog with a customised domain without paying any penny.

As I promised in my previous article “How I have relaunched my website?”, I will show you the best and quick way to launch your blog. I have tried numerous free tools for publishing my blog but they were either too complex one or chargeable. I had clear requirements that a blogging platform should have:

  1. Easy to publish blogs and also easy to edit them
  2. Free of cost
  3. Customisable domain

After reviewing many online blogging tools, I found Github Pages most fitting into my requirements. For Github Pages, I am assuming you are aware of “Jekyll”, a templating framework. If not, then, I will suggest visiting Jekyll is a very interesting framework. It’s built-in Ruby programming language but requires very less programming skills to use it. …

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Describes the useful tools for web development which will help developers to increase their productivity

I have nearly a decade of experience in web development. I have used so many tools during my developer journey. I would like to share those tools with you which helped me most. I hope they will also help you to increase your productivity as well.

(1) Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This tool is to capture screenshot and videos. I generally use it for capturing screenshot and editing them on the fly. It’s super easy to use. …

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Apexit is technical articles series in which I will take one real-world problem, will discuss it, develop code for it if needed and share the source code with other people.

Today we will discuss how ActiveRecord::Calculations will come to rescue when you have a performance issue. One of my clients had a performance problem with his application. After reviewing his application code, I found that operations on data were the major source of time consumption. Certainly, there are other reasons as well but database querries were dominating. I had fixed his application performance issue by implementing ActiveRecord::Calculations module properly. …

This is a story about how I lost my website domain, what was happened with it and how I have relaunched my website.

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I had my website on I had put all my blogs and other free resources to download on this domain. I have done good SEO on my site and as a result, I was able to receive on an average 7–10k visits every month. Most of the visits were direct from Google. I was happy with that and was getting enough opportunities to work with those users. But, last year, I lost my domain. I got some notifications from Godaddy to renew my domain but, it was totally missed and I lost my domain. It was bought by some Russian guy(most probably Russian Hacker).

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AI is the trending topic today and everyone is interested to contribute in this game. The most wrong thing they can do (as most of do) is, to start learning deep learning. They dive into the sea where they don’t know, how to swim and guess what will happen. Yes, you got it right, they sink. They sink into the vast sea of Deep Learning and switch back to their original job. I will try to become the Light House for such players. In this course Deep Learning Prerequisites, we will focus on the basics required to dive deep in deep learning with real challenges. On the side notes, we don’t need lots of basics to deep dive. …

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I have started learning Deep Learning from last month. I was familiar with some of the concepts and tools for it. I have started DL using FastAI library. This course is taught by Jeremy Howard at I really enjoyed this course and learned a lots of new things about deep learning. Initially I was familiar with TenserFlow library build my Google. After learning about FastAI, I was wondering that what are the basic difference between these two libraries since they are doing almost same task. I have got good feedback for fast ai forum. …

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Every developer has their own toolbox which satisfy their requirements. Here I am mentioning some of tools from my toolbox which may help you.

(1) Momentum

Isn’t is good to see beautiful things when you start your day? If yes then Momentum app from Google chrome will help. It will display beautiful wallpaper on your Chrome when you start it. This makes me pleasant every single day. It includes other features of reminders and weather.

(2) Awesome Screenshot

It’s really awesome as it’s name. Developer needs to do lot of documentations and for that you need screenshots. …

React is bundled with lots more features and hence most loved technology among the developers and the clients. StackOverFlow survey shows that React is most loved technology.

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Also, I have mentioned my earlier posts that most projects are for React only but, there was something which was causing hesitation to some of the developers and clients. That something was the React licence. It was BSD + Patents licence. According to Wikipedia:

BSD licenses are a family of permissive free software licenses, imposing minimal restrictions on the use and redistribution of covered software. …

Have you ever wonder that how to create React with Rails application or You want to integrate React views in your existing Rails application? Since React is gaining an attention, many of Ruby on Rails developers are looking for the answers. Here, I am going to show you three most popular ways for creating React with Rails application. Apart from these three ways, there are many other possible ways that you can achieve this target. We will not discuss in depth about the approaches in this tutorial but our target is to get idea about three most popular approaches for the react with rails application. …


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